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Rebranding, UI/UX design, Graphic design

After working in Actio for 1 year, I created a wide variety of assets and accomplished many projects. The new logo of the company, the new website, UX designs of our product (mobile app), and videos to promote the brand through engaging ads.

01. The new logo

After arriving to Actio, I felt a change was needed for the logo of the company. I designed a new logo using golden ratio and an innovative « A shaped » rocket concept.

Old logo

New logo

02. The new WEBSITE

One of my missions at Actio is to design and create the whole new website of the company. The UX Designs have been made with Figma and the website was created with Webflow.



I worked in collacoration with the tech team to create the most important thing of the company, our product: the mobile app. Actio is a new kind of Social media based on live content and self-development.



Motion design is an amazing way to help people understand your message. By creating a videos and animations, I was able to help Actio spreading their message to their customers and take the brand to the next level.

Our other projects


Our values are strong and our skills solid. We put all our heart and expertise into the realization of each project.