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Welcome to our works, here is a small selection of the projects we are the most proud of.


Actio - Product Design / UX/UI

Actio is creating a new kind of social media, based on Live video interaction. Made for people who wants to learn new things and improve themselves. We are creating a new platform for professional coaches to make a living by sharing their skills with the whole world.

  • Product Design in collaboration with world-famous agency YML
  • Brand Design, new logo of the company
  • Easy-to-use mobile app design
  • Design System


Qucit - Product Design / Logo

The most inspiring startup we have worked with. New logo, new colors, new font, new website. Everything was done to give this startup a great branding image, professional and clean. 

  • Works : Logo, Colors, Identity, Website, Product Design
  • B2B, Saas
  • Working with Data Scientists, Developers and Customers
  • Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere


Crosscall - Web Design / E-shop

Crosscall is creating a new kind of phone, made in France and very durable. Made for extreme condition uses like extreme sports and adventure. We created together a beautiful e-shop website where thousands of people are ordering there new phone every week.

  • Works : E-shop Website
  • B2C, Very large audience
  • Easy-to-use website for everyone
  • Made with WordPress (Divi Theme)


Kocliko - Product Design / Web

Kocliko is a french startup which aims at reducing energy consumption by optimizing and monitoring data. We worked together to create a beautiful website and a powerful and easy-to-use tool. 

  • Works : Website, Product Design
  • B2B, Saas
  • Working with Data Scientists, Developers and Customers
  • Made with Figma


Novostrat - Web Design / Logo

Novostrat is a big german industrial company which is constantly innovating and finding new ways to improve packaging materials. We worked together on creating a beautiful and professional website.

  • Works : Logo,  Website
  • B2B
  • Making packaging foam sexy
  • Designed with Adobe XD and made with WordPress


Tutch' - Brand Design

Tutch’ is a new kind of social network based on real-life events that aims at revolutionizing After designing the logo of this very promising startup. We also took care of the UX design of the mobile app.

  • Works : Logo, UX Design
  • Mobile app with large target
  • Working with Developers and Users
  • Made with Adobe XD and Illustrator


Red X Black - Photography

A photography started in 2018 in Berlin. With the aim on creating stunning portraits using a red and black colors.


Chessboxing - Web Design

Chessboxing is a super original new kind of sport, world-wide spreaded, combining both chess and boxing, where both brain and muscles are needed to be a champion. We created the website together to promote the sport around the world.


SAJ - Web Design

Promoting the job of this local jewelry creator through the creation of website. That was the mission we successfully achieved, and it’s not just beautiful, it’s an e-shop where hundreds of orders are happening every month, allowing this little company to thrive and grow.

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