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Rebranding, videos, designs

After working with Qucit for 1 year, I created a wide variety of content. The new logo of the company, the new website, UX designs of the products, and videos to promote the brand and its products online. Enjoy!

01. The new logo

After arriving to Qucit, I felt a change was needed for the logo of the company. I designed a new logo using golden ration and fibonacci sequence to create a masterpiece.

Old logo

New logo

02. The new WEBSITE

My main mission in Qucit was to design and create the whole new website of the company. The UX Designs have been made with Adobe XD and the website was created with WordPress.




I worked in collacoration with the tech team to create the most important thing of the company, our products. Qucit is a B2B business, SaaS.

These products are dashboards using data visualization to help the customers in their activity and therefore improve mobility in modern cities.

04. videos


From shooting to editing, I created all these videos on my own. Finding the music, shooting great videos, understanding the needs.

Creating videos is one of my favorite things to do as it involves a lot of different creative activities, from the music to the storyboarding, to the editing.




Motion design is an amazing way to help people understand your message. By creating a simplified version of the product, I was able to help Qucit sharing their message to their customers and partners.

07. illustrations


For the creation of the new websites, I also create illustrations in order to help the visitors of the website to understand easily the purpose of Qucit and what they are doing.

This illustration is an example, it was created with Adobe Illustrator.


Our other projects


Our values are strong and our skills solid. We put all our heart and expertise into the realization of each project.